Monthly Archives: April 2001

Marital/Non-Marital Share Wills

by Richard T. DeCou, Esq. For married couples having combined estates in excess of the threshold figure (currently $675,000) for federal estate taxes, it has been customary to create an estate plan in which the estate of the first to die will create a non-marital “by-pass” trust (ordinarily the Residuary Trust, Credit Shelter Trust, or […]

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Appellate Court Finds Transsexualism Protected by State Law

by Armando V. Riccio, Esq. Imagine one day one of your top professional employees, Carlos, removes all vestiges of facial hair, begins to sculpt and wax his eyebrows, pierces his ears and starts wearing emerald stone earrings. Suppose further Carlos begins to manicure and polish his nails, starts wearing a ponytail and grows breasts. You […]

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