Family Law

There are no easy decisions or simple solutions when couples divorce. The complex legal, financial and practical matters are further clouded by the emotions and upheaval. Everything is in limbo — the children, the house, your finances, your future.

The law firm of Capehart Scatchard provides guidance and sound solutions for all facets of divorce. Our experienced family law attorneys will demystify the divorce process and help you make informed decisions about issues that will affect your life and your children for years to come. We explore mediation or negotiation to resolve disputes amicably, but we are formidable trial lawyers who will protect your interests if litigation becomes necessary.

Our Family Law practice represents men and women in Burlington County, Camden County and surrounding jurisdictions of New Jersey.

Family Law is a broad legal term which covers many areas of law. The assistance of legal counsel in one of these areas is often necessitated during a time of crisis and loss. Capehart Scatchard recognizes the need to provide our clients with exceptional and understanding attorneys who are well versed in Family Law. Our Family Law GroupPractice is comprised of knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate legal professionals ready to provide our clients with expert legal services.
Family life is dynamic. Often the changes are joyful events: a marriage, birth, or adoption. Sadly, this is not always the case. Families also face turbulent times, sometimes precipitated by conflict or divorce. Because navigating the legal system as it relates to families is often complicated, it is best to consult with an experienced Family Law attorney who will help you resolve the situation either through alternative dispute resolution methods or, if necessary, litigation. You can be certain that Capehart Scatchard’s Family Law attorneys will look to bring about a resolution which is in the best interests of you and your family.


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Legal Services

Our Family Law GroupPractice can be of assistance in all areas of family law, including the following areas:

Capehart Scatchard Family Law Shareholder, Amy C. Goldstein, Esq. was interviewed on Good Day Philadelphia Weekend on Fox 29.  During the interview, Ms. Goldstein offered her perspective on why divorce rates spike during the month of January.