Estate and Tax Planning

Is your “estate plan” nothing more than a will locked in a safe? Will your children’s inheritance be dwindled by taxes or tied up in litigation? Have you taken steps to ensure that the family business continues?

The Wills, Trusts & Estate Administration Practice of Capehart Scatchard provides sophisticated solutions for estate planning, tax planning and business succession. We know the proven strategies (and pitfalls) of arranging for transfer of wealth to the next generation while still controlling your estate and enjoying the fruits of your labors.

We provide succession planning for closely-held businesses and advanced estate planning for high net-worth clients. Our attorneys can also provide prudent and cost-effective estate planning protections for middle-income couples; whether or not you are subject to federal estate tax or New Jersey inheritance tax, you may have greater wealth than you realize in your home, retirement investments, annuities and other assets.

Our Mt. Laurel law firm serves clients throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Proper estate planning anticipates the potential taxes on family assets and minimizes exposure hit through discounting, credits, gradual transfer, generation-skipping trusts and other strategies. In addition to taxation minimization, we help clients address key considerations of business succession planning. Are there advantages to reorganizing as an LLC or family limited partnership? Which children or key employees will take over the business? Will the transfer take place gradually, upon a set date or upon your death? How will other heirs be compensated?

We coordinate succession planning, estate planning and tax planning with the creation or updating of wills and trusts. Capehart Scatchard has the in-house expertise to advise clients on related matters of corporate law, real property, taxation, liability and divorce law to provide a solid and comprehensive estate plan.

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