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Geaney’s 2017 New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Manual For Practitioners, Adjusters, and Employers

John H. Geaney, Esq. publishes a yearly manual aimed on providing practitioners, adjusters and employers with key information on Workers’ Compensation in the State of New Jersey.  The 2017 Manual is a compilation of prior editions with particular emphasis on cases decided in 2015-2016 as well as the addition of two new chapters and 60 new pages of text, including the addition of important chapters for practitioners of workers’ compensation.

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Some of the 2017 Edition highlights are as follows:

  • New Chapter Eight on “Issues Pertaining to Personal Weakness Causing Falls, the Idiopathic Defense, and the Requirement of ‘Arising out of Employment’”
  • New Chapter Nine on “Medical Causation Versus Legal Causation”
  • Revised Medicare Chapter on new CRC/BCRC procedures
  • Expanded discussion of subrogation post-Dever and discussion of comp and PIP statutes
  • Expanded analysis on independent contractor issues
  • Expanded analysis on injuries in parking lots and lobbies
  • Expanded analysis on proofs on “usual and customary” fees in medical provider claims
  • Expanded analysis of assaults in the workplace

Some of the 60 new cases that are analyzed in the 2017 Manual include:

  • Estate of Kotsovska v. Liebman (jurisdiction in workers’ comp and independent contractor status)
  • Amedeo v. United Parcel Service (rules for motions for med and temp benefits)
  • Lambert v. Travelers (rights of subrogation as to medical benefits payable under PIP)
  • Catrambone v. Ballys (reopening an award after a total disability award)
  • Lucciola v. Home Depot (calculating social security disability offset rate)
  • Elhelou v. CVS Pharmacy (rights of employer to sue to collect lien after one year)
  • Katzenstein v. Dollar General (terminating temp after firing while on light duty)
  • Puleo v. Middlesex County Consumer Affairs (occupational statute of limitations)
  • Loeber v. Fair Lawn BOE (right of employee to obtain home additions in catastrophic claims)
  • Todaro v. Gloucester County (discovery rights to family doctor records)
  • Roman v. Treeminator Tree Services (misrepresentation by LLC employer in obtaining coverage)
  • Dunkley v. Costco Wholesale Corp (reconstructed wages)