Custody & Visitation

Few issues in family law are more tangled or emotionally charged than custody of children and the logistics of co-parenting. How do you protect your parental rights and the best interests of your child without a nasty legal battle? How do you put feelings aside to make this work?

The assistance of an experienced family law attorney is critical to resolving child custody disputes. At Capehart Scatchard we provide parents with perspective, solutions and at times forceful legal advocacy. Our goal is a fair, practical and lasting parenting arrangement that fosters healthy relationships and minimizes future legal conflicts. However, we realize that sometimes it is necessary to stand your ground; our lawyers will vigorously advocate for you and your children in contested court proceedings.

Our attorneys have experience with all child custody scenarios, including nontraditional families and legal issues that cross state or international boundaries. We will explain your rights and your options, then help you develop realistic goals and solutions regarding:

  • Physical custody (primary residence)
  • Legal custody (decisions about education, health care and religion)
  • Parenting time (visitation)
  • Parenting plans (schedules, holidays)
  • Paternity (unmarried parents)
  • Custody for gay or lesbian parents
  • Rights and obligations of stepparents
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Parent relocation
  • Modification or enforcement of custody orders
  • Child support obligations

Custody litigation is expensive, stressful for the adults and children, and often counterproductive. We help clients explore out-of-court solutions but our family law attorneys will faithfully fight for your parental rights in court when necessary.