M.F. and W.W. o/b/o A.F. v. Collingswood Borough Board of Education, (OAL DKT. NO. EDS 13180-18)

Client: Collingswood Borough Board of Education

Venue: New Jersey State Office of Administrative Law

Brief Attorney: Robert A. Muccilli, Esq.

**Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances**

The parents of a special education student who transferred into the Collingswood School District brought an emergent relief application seeking an order that Collingswood maintain an out-of-district placement at the New Grange School which was the placement contained in an IEP developed by the student’s prior school district.  Collingwood opposed the placement at New Grange and proposed within 30 days of the student’s transfer an alternative placement located in-district.  The Collingswood School District prevailed in obtaining a decision from the Office of Administrative Law denying the parent’s application for emergent relief.

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