Post-Divorce Modifications & Enforcement

Even when one’s divorce is in the rear-view mirror, conflicts over child custody or financial support commonly arise as families and circumstances change over time. It is important to seek experienced legal counsel to protect your interests when you or the other party petitions to modify or enforce court orders.

The family law attorneys of Capehart Scatchard have extensive experience in post-divorce modifications and enforcement. We counsel clients in out-of-court negotiations or mediation, and we provide skilled representation in contested hearings or contempt of court proceedings.

Modifying Custody, Parenting Plans, Child Support or Allimony

Whether you are seeking or opposing a modification, the outcome may have a direct bearing on your relationship with your child or your finances. Our attorneys will help you explore middle ground for an amicable out-of-court resolution, but we will position you for the most favorable outcome if your dispute must be decided by a judge.

Our lawyers handle petitions for:

  • Sole custody (danger to the child’s welfare)
  • Custody modification
  • Increased parenting time
  • Establishing visitation (paternity cases)
  • Altering the parenting plan (schedules, duties, etc.)
  • Modifying child support or alimony
  • Terminating alimony (remarriage or cohabitation)
  • Support Enforcement of Family Law Court Orders

If the other party is not adhering to the terms of the original court order (or balking at a modification), Capehart Scatchard can intervene to compel the other party to comply. If the other parent is interfering with visitation rights, the court can order extra parenting time or even modify the custody arrangements. If the other parent is in arrears on child support, we can seek wage garnishment or drastic measures such as jail for contempt of court.

Need Help In Modifying Custody or Visitation?

We invite you to arrange a consultation with a post-divorce modifications attorney.