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Apr 2016
20th Apr 2016

Recent Win: Lesley Joseph v. Monmouth County

Client: Monmouth County Appeal Argued by Carla P. Aldarelli Recently, in Joseph v. Monmouth County, A-4144-13T3 (App. Div. December 14, 2015), the Supreme Court of New Jersey denied certification of the Appellate Division’s affirmation of the trial court’s dismissal of this case....
Jun 2015
30th Jun 2015

Recent Win: Mary Grace Lawson v. New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority

Client: New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority Case Tried by Prudence M. Higbee, Esq. The Petitioner alleged that on August 14, 2009, while working at her part-time job as an usher/ticket-taker, she was struck by the closing doors of a freight elevator causing her to fracture...
30th Jun 2015

Recent Win: Anitre Dorman v. Nordstrom

Client: Nordstrom Case tried by: John H. Geaney, Esq. The petitioner filed three claim petitions in connection with this matter.  In the first the petitioner alleged her occupational duties as a sales manager caused hand problems and left and right elbow problems, specifically ulnar...
Nov 2013
24th Nov 2013

Case Win: Gerald L. Hallquist vs. E.I. Dupont de Nemours

Client:  E.I. Dupont de Nemours Case tried by Stephen T. Fannon The decedent, Gerald L. Hallquist, initially filed an inter vivos claim alleging that his occupational exposure to chemicals, primarily benzene, caused multiple myeloma (a hematological cancer). Following his death,...
22nd Nov 2013

Case Win: McQuaid v. Camden Board of Social Services

Client:  Camden Board of Social Services Case tried by Stephen T. Fannon, Esq. Petitioner, a security guard, filed a claim alleging that on October 1, 2009, he slipped and fell on a sidewalk at an entranceway, resulting in numerous orthopedic injuries. Respondent denied the alle...
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