Handling Paid Leave Requests in New Jersey

Learn best employer practices for complying with paid leave requirements.

In January 2009, New Jersey became one of only a handful of states mandating that certain kinds of family leave be paid leave. Thereafter, in October 2018, New Jersey again became one of the handful of states to adopt a Paid Sick Time Law that applies to substantially all New Jersey employers. Paid leave brings with it a host of employer compliance questions. For example, what must an employer do when an employee makes a paid leave request? How much does an employee get in terms of paid leave? Who pays for such paid leave? What laws are implicated by such a request, and who decides whether an employee is eligible for the requested paid leave? This topic will answer these and other similar related questions by examining the New Jersey paid leave statutes and assessing all required compliance obligations. This material will discuss best employer practices for complying with these paid leave requirements and will review the handling of paid leave requests under employment policies, and discuss how such policies can best be structured consistent with federal and state law requirements, including recently passed Federal paid COVID-19 leave laws. This is a great chance to get answers to such often tricky compliance questions.



  • You will be able to review the New Jersey Family Temporary Disability Leave Law and Paid Sick Time Law.
  • You will be able to discuss procedures for the filing and processing of paid leave requests.
  • You will be able to describe how to run paid leave concurrently under federal and state law.
  • You will be able to recognize best practices for handling paid leave requests under New Jersey law.

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Ralph R. Smith, 3rd