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Capehart Scatchard

Located in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Statistical Area, Capehart Scatchard is one of the oldest law firms in New Jersey founded in 1876. The Firm is a full-service, diversified law firm of more than 80 attorneys practicing in five offices throughout NJ, PA, and NY, in more than a dozen major areas of law. We serve large and small businesses and, often, those who own or manage them; public entities, non-profit organizations and academic institutions, governments and individuals.

Capehart Scatchard is proud of the long-standing relationships we share with many of our clients, some for over 50 years. Ranging from small family-owned businesses to very large national and international franchises, Capehart Scatchard’s clients share one thing in common: the desire for cost-effective, high quality legal services. In an era when clients must justify every expense, we pursue cost-efficiency without sacrificing positive legal results. We avoid needless paperwork and procedures, and concentrate instead on charting smart courses of action, either to avoid lawsuits or lay a solid case foundation.

Our Mission

The Mission of Capehart Scatchard is to provide legal services of the highest quality for a diverse group of individuals, business-oriented and public sector clients. We will exceed our clients’ expectations by providing thorough, vigorous, ethical and professional representation at fees which are mutually fair. Our efforts shall also include meaningful contributions to our Community. In fulfilling our commitments, we will respect the ability and contribution of one another, will provide equal employment opportunities, and keep in mind that the collective strength of our efforts is greater than the sum of individual efforts. The joint effort that we forge is based upon mutual trust and caring, and the ability to work cooperatively every day.

Our Commitment

Our approach to providing superior and prompt legal services at a reasonable cost:


A sound, technical knowledge of the law


Deep focus on delivering quality service to clients with a “can do” attitude


Interpersonal skills needed to communicate well and frequently with clients

Our Capabilities


We bring the power of information technology to bear on every aspect of the legal services we deliver to our clients. Our primary goal is to respond to our clients’ needs with the highest quality work product, created in the most efficient way, as quickly as possible.

We utilize ProLaw, a full featured case management system, for matter and document management which assists in the organization of all case-related information and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, allowing us to provide immediate feedback to our clients. Juris is the software product the Firm employs as our Time and Billing system. Juris has the capability to handle various billing formats including electronic invoicing. The Firm uses high speed scanners for digital imaging providing a complete electronic version of every matter. In order to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction, we deploy a wide selection of communication tools including e-mail, desktop faxing, real time video conferencing, on-line collaboration, wireless remote access, and electronic filing.


Capehart Scatchard boasts one of the largest private law libraries collections in Southern New Jersey. Through the use of electronic technology, our attorneys have access to thousands of legal and non-legal databases. Our full-time professional information specialist uses the many resources and formats available to provide our attorneys and clients with accurate, timely and cost-effective information. The services provided by our library enable us to effectively and efficiently respond to our clients’ needs.

A Rich History & Tradition

In 1876, the law firm today known as Capehart Scatchard, was founded in Camden, New Jersey by Thomas French, a self-educated lawyer. Mr. French became affiliated with several other outstanding attorneys, which led in 1914 to the Firm of French, Richards & Bradley. Following Mr. French’s death in 1937, the Firm added Blaine Capehart and Grace Heritage Smith as partners, and ultimately the Firm was renamed to Richards, Capehart & Wood. In 1961, after the death of Samuel Richards and the appointment of Alexander “Sandy” Wood to a New Jersey Superior Court judgeship, Blaine Capehart and William Scatchard formed Capehart Scatchard.

More than one hundred thirty-five years later, we at Capehart Scatchard are proud of our rich heritage, which is both a source of confidence and a continuing ethical guide. We have earned and maintained our superb reputation for more than a century by providing our clients with quality legal services and by keeping a step ahead in areas of developing law. We anticipate our clients’ needs, keep apprised of legal developments and counsel preventative action to avoid trouble, now and later.





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Our First 125 Years

Capehart Scatchard - Our First 125 Years