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Dec 2018
19th Dec 2018

McNeil v. Township of Ewing et al.

Client: NIP Management Services, LLC, Claims Administrator for the Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund Court:  Mercer County Superior Court Trial Attorney:  Christopher J. Carlson, Esq. Plaintiff brought a claim alleging a variety of very serious injuries to several parts...
3rd Dec 2018

Richard Marconi v. United Airlines

Client: United Airlines Trial Counsel: Prudence M. Higbee, Esq.  The petitioner, a New Jersey resident who works for the respondent as an aircraft mechanic at the Philadelphia International Airport in Pennsylvania, filed two claim petitions. Claim Petition 2016-31488 alleges that on...
3rd Dec 2018

Emily Manuel vs. St. Barnabas Health

Client: St. Barnabas Health Trial Counsel: Christina M. Adinolfi Shea, Esq.  Capehart Scatchard recently prevailed at trial in the matter of Emily Manuel v. St. Barnabas.  In that case the court bifurcated the trial to first address whether the injury sustained by the petitioner was...
Aug 2018
1st Aug 2018

Patrick Malone vs. Pennsauken Board of Education

Client: Pennsauken Board of Education Appeal argued by: Adam M. Segal, Esq.  In Malone v. Pennsauken Board of Education, A-3181-16T1 (App Div June 29, 2018), the Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division reversed the decision of a workers’ compensation judge finding compensabi...
1st Aug 2018

Dana Munch v. Atlantic Health System

Client: Atlantic Health System Appeal argued by: John W. Pszwaro, Esq.  In Munch v. Atlantic Health System, A-1265-16T1 (App. Div. December 21, 2017) the Appellate Davison held that a Judge of Compensation cannot order a respondent to pay temporary disability benefits without the fi...
Jul 2018
11th Jul 2018

Maradiaga-Munguia v. Pleasantville Public Schools, et als., Docket Number ATL-L-830-15

Client: Pleasantville Public Schools Brief Attorney:  Jessica M. Anderson, Esq. Plaintiff, a special needs student at Pleasantville High School, claimed that he was assaulted by a substitute teacher who pulled down his pants in the hallway of the high school causing him emotional in...
11th Jul 2018

J.L. v. City of Vineland Board of Education, Docket Number CUM-L-193-18

Client: Vineland Board of Education Brief Attorney:  Jessica M. Anderson, Esq. Plaintiff, a student, claimed that she was sexually assaulted by a janitor who grabbed her by the shoulder while she was walking down the hallway, hugged her, gave her a kiss, and told her that he loved h...
Jun 2018
29th Jun 2018

Marano v. Clifford J. Schob, M.D.

Client: PMA and GSMJIF Court:  Appellate Division Brief Attorney:  Christopher J. Carlson, Esq. In Marano v. Clifford J. Schob, M.D., A-33915-16T2 (App. Div. June 20, 2018), the Appellate Division held that New Jersey’s lien provision does apply to funds that an injured worker rece...
Feb 2018
28th Feb 2018

Perkins v. County of Monmouth, MON-L-2916-17

Client: County of Monmouth Brief Attorney:  Jessica M. Anderson, Esq. Plaintiff suffered a broken collar bone, two fractured vertebrae, and required fifty stitches to his head when he dove into a piling at Whiting Beach.  Plaintiff claimed that the area was marked off by flags indic...
27th Feb 2018

Colgan v. County of Monmouth, Docket Number MON-L-1761-16

Client: County of Monmouth Brief Attorney:  Jessica M. Anderson, Esq. Plaintiff suffered an injury to his hand requiring open reduction and internal fixation surgery when he tripped on the lip of a sidewalk which abutted a gravel parking lot.  Plaintiff’s liability expert opined tha...
20th Feb 2018

Beiu v. Mall Chevrolet, Inc.

Client: The Defendant Employer, Mall Chevrolet, Inc. Trial Attorney:  Laura D. Ruccolo, Esq. The Plaintiff, who was an immigrant from Moldavia, claimed that he was the victim of discrimination based on his national origin.  Plaintiff alleged that he followed his employer’s anti-disc...
20th Feb 2018

Porch v. McRech, Inc.

Client: Employer, McRech Inc. Trial Attorney:  Laura D. Ruccolo, Esq. The Plaintiff claimed that her co-workers were engaging in inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature and that created a hostile work environment. Plaintiff did not utilize the company’s anti-harassment policy...
Apr 2017
18th Apr 2017

Emenegilda Vargas vs. Costco

Client: Liberty Mutual and Costco Trial attorney:  Ana-Eliza T. Bauersachs, Esq. Brief attorney: Katherine H. Geist, Esq. The petitioner filed a Motion for Medical and Temporary Disability Benefits in which she initially only sought treatment for the right shoulder.  Respondent ini...
18th Apr 2017

Jessica Parmegiani vs. Cape May County

Client: County of Cape May and Inservco Trial attorney:  Michael L. Bileci, Esq.  In Claim Petition No. 2014-14853, petitioner, a CNA, alleged that occupational exposure due to constant and repetitive work from January 7, 2013 until February 14, 2014 caused injury to her lumbar spin...
18th Apr 2017

Michael Certain v. Township of Woodbridge

Clients: Central Jersey JIF and Qual-Lynx Trial attorney:  John Geaney, Esq. Brief attorney:  Keith Nagy, Esq. The petitioner sustained a compensable low back in jury on October 29, 2009 lifting garbage cans at work. He treated with Dr. Giordano who discharged petitioner in January...
18th Apr 2017

Jennifer Hernandez v. Hackensack Board of Education

Clients: Inservco/Hoboken Board of Education Trial and brief attorney: Nicholas A. Dibble, Esq. Jennifer Hernandez suffered a compensable ankle injury and received a month of authorized ankle treatment.  Thereafter she went to the authorized treating orthopedist and complained of ri...
Mar 2017
28th Mar 2017

Quamina v. Stella Gardens Apartments

Attorney Laurel B. Peltzman recently won a case in the New Jersey Court of Appeals (Quamina v. Stella Gardens Apts., 2017 N.J. Super. Unpub. LEXIS 683 (App. Div. Mar. 21, 2017)) after successfully arguing that the lower court's decision to grant summary judgment in her client's favor...
15th Mar 2017

Resolution of First Railroad Eminent Domain Matter In NJ In Fifty Years

On February 22, 2017, Capehart Scatchard obtained a consent judgment from the USDC D N.J. granting title to the property sought for a price less than the amount previously offered in settlement to the defendants. Transportation Department Chair, John K. Fiorilla, Esq., along with shar...
Apr 2016
20th Apr 2016

Recent Win: Fitzgerald v. Walmart

Appeal Argued by Lora V. Northen, Esq. Briefed by Andrea L. Schlafer, Esq. Just because an incident occurs at work does not mean that it is compensable.  In fact, there are many health issues that manifest during work that are not necessarily caused by work.  In Fitzgerald v. Walm...
20th Apr 2016

Recent Win: Lesley Joseph v. Monmouth County

Client: Monmouth County Appeal Argued by Carla P. Aldarelli Recently, in Joseph v. Monmouth County, A-4144-13T3 (App. Div. December 14, 2015), the Supreme Court of New Jersey denied certification of the Appellate Division’s affirmation of the trial court’s dismissal of this case....
Jun 2015
30th Jun 2015

Recent Win: Mary Grace Lawson v. New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority

Client: New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority Case Tried by Prudence M. Higbee, Esq. The Petitioner alleged that on August 14, 2009, while working at her part-time job as an usher/ticket-taker, she was struck by the closing doors of a freight elevator causing her to fracture...
30th Jun 2015

Recent Win: Anitre Dorman v. Nordstrom

Client: Nordstrom Case tried by: John H. Geaney, Esq. The petitioner filed three claim petitions in connection with this matter.  In the first the petitioner alleged her occupational duties as a sales manager caused hand problems and left and right elbow problems, specifically ulnar...
Nov 2013
24th Nov 2013

Case Win: Gerald L. Hallquist vs. E.I. Dupont de Nemours

Client:  E.I. Dupont de Nemours Case tried by Stephen T. Fannon The decedent, Gerald L. Hallquist, initially filed an inter vivos claim alleging that his occupational exposure to chemicals, primarily benzene, caused multiple myeloma (a hematological cancer). Following his death,...
22nd Nov 2013

Case Win: McQuaid v. Camden Board of Social Services

Client:  Camden Board of Social Services Case tried by Stephen T. Fannon, Esq. Petitioner, a security guard, filed a claim alleging that on October 1, 2009, he slipped and fell on a sidewalk at an entranceway, resulting in numerous orthopedic injuries. Respondent denied the alle...