Plaintiff’s Failure To Serve Public Entity At Correct Place Of Business With Timely Notice Of Tort Claim Bars Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Claim

The plaintiff Lyndsey Patton was walking in or near the intersection of Union Avenue and West Side Avenue in Jersey City when she was struck by a vehicle owned by defendant Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (“JCMUA”).  The accident occurred on June 30, 2019.  On or about September 10, 2019, the plaintiff’s attorney sent a […]

The Legality of COVID-19 Employee Vaccinations Mandates

With the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine recently receiving full Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) approval, the question on many employer’s minds is whether legally employers can now mandate employee vaccinations for COVID-19 as a condition of employment.  Even before this recent approval of the Pfizer Vaccine, many employers had already decided to require vaccinations (or alternatively […]

Highlights of New Jersey Rules and Regulations Relating to Adult-Use Cannabis

By:  Sheila M. Mints, Esq. and Alana M. Hans-Cohen, Esq.   Yesterday, the Cannabis Regulatory Commission issued long-awaited initial regulations on legalization of adult use cannabis in New Jersey.  Here are some of the highlights of the application process: The application will be printed in the NJ Register, which is published twice a month, and layout […]

New Jersey Supreme Court Holds that Multiple Documents Cannot be Used to Establish Compliance with the Notice Requirements of the Tort Claims Act

By: Sean P. Dugan, Law Clerk On June 13, 2017, Plaintiff H.C. Equities served the County of Union and Union County Improvement Authority a “Notice of Tort Claim” for “damages arising from tortious interference with contract … conspiracy, defamation and trade libel.” The claim arose out of a contract dispute where the County of Union […]

Plaintiff Quadriplegic Found To Have Sufficient Basis To Justify Filing Of Late Notice Of Tort Claim Against Public Entity

On April 9, 2017, plaintiff Jonathan Jeffrey was involved in a one vehicle motorcycle accident, resulting in complete quadriplegia.  Approximately six months after the accident, he consulted counsel, at which point, he learned that his injuries may have been caused or significantly aggravated by the emergency medical technicians who placed him in the ambulance.  In […]

Employee Disclosure of COVID-19 Vaccinations

With more and more businesses taking the first steps to reopen as the pandemic begins to wane, I have been getting this question from more and more of my clients: Can we ask our employees to provide proof that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19?  The answer is that an employer may indeed ask that […]

Under New Jersey Law, City Has No Liability For Plaintiff’s Injury Due To Fall On Snow In Street

In March 2015, plaintiff Donell Prince left his rooming house where he lived and noticed that there was snow on the common walkways of the rooming house property and the adjoining public sidewalks.  Plaintiff decided to walk in the street because snow had been plowed from the street into the sidewalks.  He fell and landed […]

New Jersey Issues Employer Vaccine Guidelines

With the increased availability of COVID-19 vaccines in New Jersey, the state Department of Health (“DOH”) recently issued Guidelines allowing employers to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for its employees. Nonetheless, even in the face of such state Guidelines, employers should still proceed cautiously in implementing such vaccine mandates for employees given the mere emergency use authorization […]