For Practitioners, Adjusters, and Employers


John H. Geaney, Esq. publishes a yearly manual aimed on providing practitioners, adjusters and employers with key information on Workers’ Compensation in the State of New Jersey.  The 2021 Manual is a compilation of prior editions with particular emphasis on cases decided in 2018-2020 as well as the addition of three new chapters and 50 new pages of text.


  • New Chapter on The Thomas P. Canzanella Law passed in 2019 dealing with the rights of first responders to file for occupational disease claims
  • New Chapter on 2020, c.84 regarding COVID-19 claims
  • New Chapter on the Hand and Foot bill passed in 2020
  • Expanded analysis on liens and major/minor deviations

50 New Cases

Sample Cases

  • Caraballo v. City of Jersey City (reasonable accommodation and workers’ compensation)
  • Martin v. Newark Board of Education (functional improvement is lodestar for ongoing pain management)
  • Calero v. Target Corp. (Judge of Compensation can reopen terms of consent settlement to reconstruct wages)
  • Manuel v. RWJ Barnabas Health (walk to hospital parking lot not covered)
  • Marconi v. United Airlines (jurisdiction on the basis of localization of employer)
  • New Jersey Transit Corp. v. Sanchez (employer has rights to pursue third party for economic losses where petitioner did not receive PIP benefits)
  • Wild v. Carriage Funeral Homes (reasonable accommodation for use of medical marijuana off site)
  • Kocanowski v. Twp. of Bridgewater (statutory volunteers need not prove actual wage loss for temp)
  • Liberty Mutual Ins. v. Rodriguez (correct method to calculate lien reimbursement in high third party settlements)
  • Malone v. Pennsauken Bd. of Educ. (Judge of Compensation has right to enter judgment for reimbursement against a party)
  • McGory v. SLS Landscaping (Dismissal of motion for med and temp violated due process rights of petitioner)
  • Hager v. M&K Construction (Carrier ordered to reimburse petitioner for costs of medical marijuana – certification granted)
  • Anesthesia Associates v. Weinstein Supply (jurisdiction issues in MCP cases)