For Practitioners, Adjusters, and Employers


John H. Geaney, Esq. publishes a yearly manual aimed on providing practitioners, adjusters and employers with key information on Workers’ Compensation in the State of New Jersey.  The 2019 Manual is a compilation of prior editions with particular emphasis on cases decided in 2017-2018 as well as the addition of three new chapters and 50 new pages of text.


  • New Chapter on “Due Process Issues” in Workers’ Compensation
  • New Chapter on “Medical Marijuana and Opioid Issues in Workers’ Comp”
  • New Chapter on “Complex Jurisdictional Issues”
  • Expanded analysis on major and minor deviations
  • Expanded analysis on evidence in workers’ compensation
  • Discussion of 2018 bona fide offer rule amendments

60 New Cases

Sample Cases

  • Williams v. Raymours Furniture Co., Inc. (accepting job offer by phone is basis for jurisdiction)
  • Benimadho v. Somerville Borough Fire Dep’t. (no duty on volunteer to intervene in altercation)
  • Detres v. Workforce Logistics Corp. (carrier’s attempt to limit jurisdiction to NY rejected)
  • Kamenetti v. Sangillo & Sons (trucker not covered during injury after morning shower)
  • Malone v. Pennsauken Board of Education (award for custodian reversed due to expert’s net opinion)
  • Minter v. Mattson (drive to work during severe snow storm found compensable)
    • Munch v. Atlantic Health System (denial of due process in ordering benefits without motion being filed)
    • Kocanowski v. Township of Bridgewater (statutory volunteers must prove actual wage loss for temp)
    • Savio v. Giambri (severely injured contractor found to be employee)
    • Liu v. 4D Security Solutions, Inc. (“on call” status rejected as special mission exception)
    • Pino v. Polanco (third party suit once dismissed must be reinstated within 90 days)
    • Jeannette v. General Mills Progresso (even minors are subject to two year dependency statute)