In the Matter of the Tenure Hearing of Greg Janicki and the Washington Township School District, Gloucester County

Client: Washington Township Board of Education

Court: Tenure Arbitration Hearing 

Brief Attorney: Joseph F. Betley, Esq.

Trial Attorney: Joseph F. Betley, Esq.

**Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances**

Tenure charges against Gregory Janicki, a High School Music Teacher, were successfully prosecuted by the Washington Township Board of Education. In an award issued on August 31, 2021 Arbitrator Gary Kendellen sustained several charges against Mr. Janicki and ordered that he be removed from his teaching position with the District. As the Board Solicitor, Mr. Betley established that Mr. Janicki engaged in a pattern of intolerance and antagonism against individuals based on their sexual orientation as well as their gender identity and expression. The District showed that Mr. Janicki surreptitiously distributed a document at the High School main office that was offensive to the LGBTQ community, and lied about it when school officials investigated the incident. The evidence also supported the charge that Mr. Janicki had a pattern of intentional misrepresentations to administrators during investigations of misconduct. Finally, the arbitrator sustained the charge that Mr. Janicki intentionally recorded a private conversation that Mr. Betley had with administration regarding the underlying investigation. The District sustained its burden that the unbecoming conduct justified Mr. Janicki’s dismissal as a tenured teacher.

Mr. Betley expresses his thanks and appreciation to the administrative staff and teachers who testified truthfully and courageously at the arbitration hearing.

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