Capehart Scatchard Shareholder Educates Philadelphia Insurance Firm on Ethical Issues for Insurance Claims Adjusters

On, November 1, 2017, Christopher J. Hoare, Esq. presented an in-office seminar at Graham Company in Philadelphia, PA entitled, “Ethical Issues for Insurance Claims Adjusters,“ which was attended by fifteen (15) claims and insurance professionals including several in-house attorneys. Graham Company is an established insurance brokerage/TPA firm headquartered in Philadelphia. The seminar covered state and national ethical standards for insurance claims adjusters, emphasizing the fact that much like lawyers, their work affects the public’s trust in the claims process. It is important for adjusters, regardless whether they are independently contracted or work in-house, to strictly adhere to the codes of ethics applicable in their respective states and to maintain fairness and honesty when dealing with all claimants. During the presentation, Mr. Hoare spoke of the penalties adjusters face should they violate or breach any provision of state rules or guidelines, such as those within the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act (UCSPA). Adjusters also learned about the deadlines for acknowledging and investigating submitted claims under the Pennsylvania Ethics Code. His presentation stressed the importance of competence and diligence when handling a claim; an adjuster should not handle any claims that exceed their current expertise and they should be knowledgeable on the terms and conditions related to that claimant’s insurance coverage. He concluded the seminar with how adjusters should handle statements and negotiations with witnesses and claimants especially those made under duress.

As an added bonus, the seminar was CLE approved. Attendees received 2.0 hours of CLE and/or CE credits.