Capehart Scatchard Shareholder Presents Seminar to MaidenRe Insurance

On September 29, 2017, Christopher J. Hoare, Esq. presented a seminar at Capehart Scatchard entitled, “Trucking Liability Overview and Claims Update 2017” to 27 claims adjustors and underwriters from the trucking insurance company MaidenRe Insurance. The seminar covered the current state of the trucking industry, new regulations for CDL driver training, new requirements for mandatory use of electronic logging devices during trips, the benefits of using inward facing dashboard cameras, and additional industry related news. The presentation aimed to inform insurers of what precautions they should take when prepping accident reports for a case, what legal defenses would be advantageous in specific scenarios, as well as educate them on current litigation trends affecting the trucking industry. They learned which parts of accidents reports are admissible vs. inadmissible in court, and they were given beneficial tips to prepare for cases in “high-risk” states (states that pay out large awards for minor injuries).