Solar Energy Projects – Ensuring a Timely and Smooth Transaction and Obtaining Necessary Development Approvals

The goal of every developer for a photovoltaic solar energy project is to ensure a timely and smooth transaction and obtaining necessary development approvals.

Identifying wetlands and wetland buffers, local tree ordinances, access easements and storm water management issues are just a few of the hurdles that a land use attorney must address.

    • Does your purchase or lease agreement contain an adequate due diligence provision affording you full protection and the right to access?
    • Do you have a strategy if your due diligence investigation discloses environmental issues?
    • Have you identified the land use issues related to easements, wetlands, storm water management, buffering, security, interconnection and other issues necessary for site plan approval?
    • What are best practices for due diligence investigation for underground tanks, wetlands, soil suitability and tree removal?
    • What are practical solutions and considerations when faced with lack of access?

Armed with the knowledge and experience to cure land use issues related to developing a solar energy system, assistance is needed in spotting these issues and providing practical and effective solutions to the permitting process to ensure your transaction proceeds on time and with few surprises.

Alan P. Fox, Esq., Chair of the firm’s Alternative Energy Group, has over 30 years of experience in land use practice in New Jersey.  He is ready to review these and other challenging matters in connection with a purchase agreement, lease agreement or option agreement, as well as land use approvals and permits related for your ground mounted, canopy and combined roof top photovoltaic solar energy project.

Please contact Alan if you are considering developing a photovoltaic solar energy project in New Jersey to ensure a timely transaction and obtaining the necessary development approvals.

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