16th Annual Blaine E. Capehart Legal Writing Award Presented to Rutgers Camden Student Winner

Mt. Laurel, NJ – Robert J. 16th Annual Blaine E Capehart Legal Writing AwardNorcia was the recipient of the 16th Annual Blaine E. Capehart Legal Writing Award, presented at the law firm of Capehart Scatchard on May 19th.  The award recipient graduated from Rutgers School of Law in Camden on May 21, 2015.

The Mt. Laurel-based firm presented Mr. Norcia with a $2,500 award in recognition of his exemplary legal writing and research abilities.  The Firm offers this award to a graduating Rutgers – Camden law student on an annual basis in honor of the late Blaine E. Capehart.

Managing Shareholder Peter S. Bejsiuk opened the ceremony with a few introductory remarks before calling Bruce L. Harrison to the podium. Addressing the audience gathered for the presentation of the award to Mr. Norcia, Mr. Harrison, Co-Chair of the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Department, said that he wanted to share the original motivation for the award.  Specifically, Mr. Harrison indicated that there were three intersecting principles behind the award, those being celebrating, (1) the amazing career of Mr. Capehart; (2) his values, especially the importance he placed on excellence; (3) how the firm’s relationship with Rutgers is integral to preserving Mr. Capehart’s values, especially excellence.  On the last point, Mr. Harrison noted that 33 percent of the firm’s 90 lawyers are Rutgers graduates, and that Rutgers alums regularly demonstrate the maturity, work ethic and character Mr. Capehart so highly valued.